A Blinkered Greek Nationalist View of the Past Fails the Test of the Present

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Народот поплавен, системот на поправен

По вториот ден обилни врнежи што најтешко ја погодија североисточната периферија на Скопје, утрово почнаа да се сумираат впечатоците од терен. За жал, во медиумскиот простор и на социјалните медиуми денес доминираше една непрокопсана атмосфера на залудно трошење зборови и енергија. Во меѓувреме, луѓето кои се погодени од невремето несомнено останаа без мирен сон. На нив не им значи апсолутно ништо дневното политиканство и наддавањето со мудровид цинизам од страна на масата луѓе, која нема сила и одлучност за да ги санира дупките во колективната свест и во институционалните механизми. Замислете, едните ги нарекуваат другите „мафијаши“ додека другите велат дека тие биле „мафијаши“ пред нив. Со какви детинести менталитети всушности си имаме работа!? Замислете, оние кои треба да дејствуваат за подобар живот на општеството, врмето го губат во гаѓање со зборови! Во меѓувреме, луѓето се збунети и ги губат животите во бизарни несреќи. Continue reading “Народот поплавен, системот на поправен”

The world will never be at peace unless

War and violence will continue to sow despair around the world until the impressions that arise from the perceived and intuitively-felt global injustices are expelled from the consciousness. These impressions that are founded on the logical deconstruction of the factual situation in any given country, plus historical narratives written and told, are causing people to resort to extreme measures. How will everyone get a sense of global justice?

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Macedonia: that feeling when everyone is against you

(but i decided for a new, more fitting title to this opinion piece: Macedonia: Getting mobbed in the Europlace)

The name issue which Macedonia is embroiled in, with the active participation of Greece- its neighbor to the south, is keeping the country and its people out of the EU and NATO. While Europeans are divided over the question whether their countries would be better off in or out of the EU and NATO, for Macedonia joining these frameworks would mean surmounting a number of contentious barriers on the path of development and stability.

Greece’s intransigence comes in packet with ardent diplomatic pressure in the form of lecturing other countries how to name and how not to name the Republic of Macedonia. Greek political parties can’t win an election without ensuring voters that Macedonia will be Greek forever and ever. Those who are in power often use Macedonia to stir acerbic nationalist fervor that resounds at home, across the Greek Diaspora, as well as in the Balkans.

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has a policy to list Macedonia under the deplorable acronym FYROM every time the country appears in an official text. Thus, the name “Macedonia” is thoroughly omitted from press releases, TV channels and magazines across Europe (UEFA has recently changed their approach and now Macedonia goes under FYR Macedonia). At a Champions League match between the German side Shalke 04 and PAOK Thessaloniki, Shalke fans were pepper-sprayed by dozens of German policemen for waving the flag that Macedonia was pressured to change in 1995 after a year-long embargo by Greece.  Continue reading “Macedonia: that feeling when everyone is against you”

The destitute condition of student dormitories in Skopje

Two days ago (March 10) the Macedonian online community disseminated a photo gallery of the student dormitory Goce Delchev. The building, built in the “brutalist” architectural style, is one of the most remarkable structures in Skopje. Unfortunately, the inside of the building is far more brutal than the ideas that inspired those architects who explored this architectural style. Pictures from the belly of the monster circled the world thanks to Imgur and then various news outlets, including the UK’s Independent which juxtaposed a photo from the student home to a photo of a prison cell in Norway.  Continue reading “The destitute condition of student dormitories in Skopje”